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When You Walk In The Room
You Set My Heart Ablaze
When We Touch It Creates A Steamy Haze
That Blocks My Vision In Several Ways
Feeling That This Is Just A Phase
I Should Tell You That I’ve Felt Like This For Days
As I Wander Through This Endless Maze
You Are The Ice That Calms My Mind And Slows The Fire
Keeping Me From Doing Something Out Of Desire
And Not Telling You How I Feel Is Costing A Price
As The Fire You Entice Inside That Feels Kind Of Nice
Will Soon Devour Me Alive Even Though I Am Still Brand New
So I Have To Ask, Do you Like Me Too…
A Poem i Wrote for a Girl i still Love, and This is Fore the Chapter 7 of a Literature announcement i got on DA
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November 28, 2012
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